Carved Seat Stools

$1400 Each/Free Shipping

African Mahogany Barstools
$1,400.00 each, free shipping
 (pictured above)
These are sturdy stools with beautiful, unique grain patterns. Fox Television recently rented them for a new TV series starring Jennifer Garner, tentatively titled, "Sausalito," due to be released early 2023. It's a woodturner who has a shop and a gallery. The stools are on display in the gallery. One of the stools has a different seat pattern than in the image. $1400 each with free shipping.

    Walnut Carved Seat Stool
$3750 Chavalier Stool
    Cherry Carved Seat Stool
The Complete Set

Walnut Barstools
$3750 each, $200 shipping credit  (pictured above)
Walnut Barstools with a new profile carved seat and hand shaped oval legs. These stools were designed and built to a customer's specifications. Instead of 1" thick legs, these are 1-1/2" thick, requiring twice as much wood as their cousins. There are hardly any flat surfaces on them. Almost all the surfaces are compound curves. There are no machines that can sand them properly. Every inch of these stools has been hand sanded 40 times from coarse to fine, sealed with penetrating epoxy made from wood fibers, stained as per the customer's specifications, its grain filled for smoothness, followed by five coats of hand-rubbed wipe-on polyurethane for durability and waterproofing. The stain retards the inevitable yellowing of walnut over time due to UV exposure.
It took months to produce five of these stools, four for the customer, one for display.

Walnut Carved Seat Stool$1200 ea Interior View
Cherry Carved Seat Stool$1200 ea Interior View
Walnut Carved Seat Stool$1200 ea Interior View
Cherry Carved Seat Stool$1200 ea Interior View

Part Time Lover
$1200 each, free shipping in 48 contiguous USA states, fully insured   (pictured above)
Custom walnut barstools with upholstered seats for Part Time Lover, a hi-fi listening bar and record store with cocktails in San Diego. The seats and the entire restaurant were designed and built under the supervision of Taylor Leage of CH Projects.

Walnut Carved Seat Stool

Walnut Carved Seat Stool

Walnut Carved Seat Stool

At the Tiburon Art Festival, I asked at least fifty people to sit on the stools. Everyone found them unexpectedly, and wonderfully, comfortable. Some species of wood would raise that figure a little. Varnish, instead of oil, would be less. I worked out five other designs before my customer settled on this one. I'm looking forward to building chairs. It's your call.

The seats below are both machined, hand shaped and sanded and machined and shaped and sanded some more until the shape you see emerged. The stools commonly come in maple, walnut, cherry and mahogany. The barstools, 30" high and the counter height stools, 26" high, sell for $1400, the Part Time Lover stools sell for $1200, including free shipping with FedEx within the 48 contiguous states in the USA, and fully insured.

Walnut Carved Seat StoolBarstool - Maple, Cherry or Walnut $1400 free shipping

Cherry Carved Seat StoolCounter Stool - Maple, Cherry or Walnut $1400 free shipping