Much of fine woodworking involves making and correcting mistakes, as well as understanding why something may have failed. I've disassembled 300 year old furniture, glued it back together, repaired dry rot, fixed countless items, put up walls and run wiring in order to install cabinets and built-ins.

Hot Tub Left Before

The deck surrounding this hot tub was completely rotted.

Hot Tub Left Side During

All redwood. Notice how the supports interlock each other.

Hot Tub Left After

The completed deck.

Hot Tub Right Before

This side was equally bad.

Hot Tub Right During

All the supports were covered to prevent rot.

Hot Tub Right After

The finished deck, cut around the tub.

Eichler Garage During

The wall was very rotted. The studs had to be replaced or sistered.

Eichler Garage Completed

Notice the accurate cutouts for the water spigot and the vents.

Eichler Garage Front

The corner post had to be replaced. A major job.