Custom Wooden Car Parts

A customer, who subsequently became a friend, needed some wood trim for his '57 Jaguar. He saw my ad, looked at my portfolio, we shook hands and in a couple of weeks, we were both happy. The work was very challenging. The pieces on the sides of the windshield required over 18 operations to match the original, plus vacuum bagging the Carpathian Elm veneer that adorns each piece. Each piece is the result of both machining and hand chisels.

Jag And Owner

The owner, Robert Ceniceros, and his beloved Jag.

Jag Trim Drivers Side

Jag Rear Trim Drivers Side

The trim appears to fit effortlessly, but, the truth is, putting wood over unrelenting metal is enjoyably difficult to do.

Jag Trim Right Side

Jag Rear Trim Right Side

Jaguar Left Door

The owner commissioned me to trim out the windshield for which there were no patterns or precedents. It took two or three prototypes to get it right.

Jaguar Wood Trim

Jaguar Wood Trim

Jaguar Wood Trim