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Joan's Table

Joan's Vanity Full

Joan's Table With Basin

This vanity was designed around a piece of marble, a basin, and tubing coming out of a wall. The owner did a lot of entertaining, so I wanted to make the vanity entertaining. She didn't want to be replacing rolls of toilet paper during her parties, so could I make a double roll hanger. I did, out of copper tubing. The wood is bubinga, from West Africa.

Kidney Shaped Desk

Kidney Shaped Desk

Retail Shelving

Two projects for a pediatrician's office: a kidney shaped desk made from a door and covered with a highly textured plastic laminate, top, curved sides and one leg. Tricky. A shelving unit 5' wide and 6' tall, made of clear fir with an open back and an oil finish so it would age into a rich golden brown. The joinery is strong and light.

Ron's Hatch

The old hatch had rotted. I used it as a form over which to laminate 4 layers of marine plywood to a 1" thickness.

Ron's Hatch

I used the old mahogany for the sides and covered it with fiberglass and epoxy, followed by epoxy paint.

Design Center Italian Kitchen

I was hired to put the kitchen together, built the wood wall and hung the hood vent on the left. Very tricky work.

Design Center Italian Kitchen

Another installation comprising five units on the floor and two 200 pound countertops. Notice how everything is perfectly aligned. Very demanding.

Sliding Shutters

A family room transformed into a guest room with sliding floor to ceiling doors.

Sliding Shutter Before Stainin

The most tedious part of the job was applying a white stain to all the louvers.