Michael Childs Renaissance Artist

I've had a successful career making and selling my art throughout the United States at art fairs, shows, and galleries from 1997 to the present. I am a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists, as well as the Baulines Crafts Guild. I'll be writing for the newsletter/website and selling art online, either through this website or through Etsy.com.


Contour, Gesture, Flora, and Landscapes for the lovers of color and line.


Original and custom woodworks enhance the quality of life. View my creations such as Oakland, Marin, Custom Works 1 and Custom Works 2, Jaguar Wood Trim, repairs, a hot tub rebuild, Media Center, Original Designs, and Walnut Carved Seat Stools.

Alpha Ghazals

Poetry and Ghazals to move the heart. Music for the ears. Screenplays to entertain and edify (undecided on how best to present them).

Please sign the guest book so I can send you updates and news. And no, I don't sell my mailing lists.

Credit Cards, ATM, PayPal, Checks, and Layaways accepted. Always available for custom designs and commissions

Contact me for details.